as far as sexuality goes, the writers have indirectly implied that sexuality can be biological. you have delphine who said that people "codify attraction" despite biological facts. and there has been evidence that shows that sexuality can be determined in the mother's womb, and obviously the clones all have different surrogate mothers, which is why cosima's sexuality is different.

Wow, I didn’t know that :)

even with identical twins - if one is gay, the other one is only gay 20%-50% of the time (suggests genetic component) But one gay twin does not necessarily mean the other one is too. It's based in science.

Interesting! Thanks for the info. That’s what I’d like to know, the science of it all… I hope Cosima talks about that sometime… 

are they ever going to mention cosima’s sexuality? i mean not in a “omg she has sex with girls” kind of way but in a nurture nature sort of way. obviously the writers are implying that sexuality isn’t in the genes otherwise all closes would be gay (or straight)